About us

Us, the team at GHLASS, aim to connect passionate buyers with special designers to generate what fashion was missing – an exchange based on genuine admiration and sympathy.

GHLASS is an online platform which enables fashion houses to get pre-orders before production. This way, we help buyers get a more in-depth knowledge of brands, their fashion and the people behind it, all while minimizing uncertainty in production and avoiding waste.

We created GHLASS as the platform we’d like to be a part of. The community and the relationships forming are very important for us.

If you have any suggestions, send us an e-mail at contact@ghlass.com - we’d love to hear your feedback!

Who are we?
The current GHLASS team is small but extending thanks to a large map of engaged collaborators.
Filothea Favatas
A devotee of up-and-coming designers, brands and all-things fashion, Filo is a nerd at heart. Having tried the designer seat herself, Filo created the system she wished she had upon embarking on her own brand’s journey. In her spare time, Filo is either online, checking out new fashion or captive between the pages of a book.
Vlad Calin
If you see us in this form, it is all thanks to Vlad’s work. Vlad is our Senior Graphic Designer, coordinator of all aspects involving design and feel. In his spare time, Vlad loves drawing, composing music, playing the guitar and being the #1 dad for his little girl.
Andrei Langa
Andrei is GHLASS’ wizard, making magic connections for buttons to appear and bugs to disappear.
Ghlass is powering the public demand chain, allowing pre-orders for production.

We created GHLASS for passionate buyers and style enthusiasts who love fashion, but also see the bigger picture. We care about looking great without a hefty price tag, but we are also aware that every purchase is a vote for fashion industry’s priorities.

GHLASS empowers the designer: through influencers, new designers can market their creations directly, offering design and quality at a fraction of the cost.

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